It’s ours!

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Today we closed on our new home! The 1907 Victorian we fell so fondly in love with became ours at 10:30 this morning. I can’t wait to get all of our things to the new house and start settling in.

Tonight we should have everything at the new house, and we can finish up the items left at our old house for closing.


Preparing the parlour

This weekend has been a combination of family time, celebration, and preparation for our new home! I spent a few hours there this weekend measuring the first floor rooms so I can get a good gauge on some furniture I want to buy. This next week is going to be the longest in history! I am only hoping we can get through it quickly, and that the last pieces of paperwork the bank needs arrive on Monday so we can go through free and clear.

The town I will be living in will be having their annual festival the weekend we move in. The town will be all lit up! It will be so fun to experience things like community pancake feeds, hot air balloon rides, parades and pie parlors. I just cannot wait to have that sense of community again – it is something that I am missing in Omaha.

Speaking of parlors, I’ve spent some time putting together a mood board for how I’m envisioning the front parlour to look after we have moved in. The black magnolia wallpaper that was installed in the 90’s is actually quite darling and I’m going to keep it.

black lamp / white lamp / pedestal table / reclinerapothocary floor lamp / built-in bookcase

 I’ve been keeping my eye on the Eton Sofa from Ballard Designs in indigo velvet for the last few weeks in preparation. After we’ve officially sold the other house and everything’s gone back to a new normal, I think I will bite the bullet and make the purchase. Usually I am not so keen on purchasing furniture from the web since I can’t sit on it and feel it out, but the reviews are great. I think it just makes the room!

I’ve ordered a small english arm recliner in a blue gray fabric, and a comfy chair with a matching ottoman in a honey colored herringbone linen. The rest will come together in time, especially the full wall of built-ins I have in mind that can be custom made by my friend Mike. Have you ever had a plan for a room right off the bat because you just knew?


Today was a good day. We accepted an offer on our home in Omaha and have high hopes that the inspection, scheduled for next week goes supremely well. I hesitate to say too much because I don’t want to jinx it! Please send good wishes our way.

For the last three weeks our lives have been a whirlwind. Between being very busy at work, a close family friend’s death, and the purchase of our new home while focusing on closing and then getting our current home cleaned up and ready for listing, we haven’t had much time to really sit down and think. But, I did find a few moments to dream about some new projects for the new house. Mostly focused outside because the landscaping could use some clean up, I’m dreaming of melding historical Victorian with modern touches.




Most of my ideas are sparking around the interest I have in removing all the dead things in the yard, cleaning up the edging, and trimming back hedges and overgrown shrubs we have at the new house. Edging makes all the difference! It makes everything look so crisp and clean and fresh.

I keep playing around with the idea of a herringbone sidewalk with a single brick edge. I even went so far as to price what ballpark costs would be at Menard’s. Bad idea. Only 9 days until closing, I can’t wait!