Eagerly awaiting for July 11

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July 11 is when we are closing on the house, and we couldn’t be more excited! Everything we own, well, mostly everything, has been put into storage while we continue to show our current home, a 1950 ranch. This house feels staged and empty, and not like us at all. It has been a great three years, but the next adventure is going to be even better.


Purchasing this home allowed us to split the difference between Cacy’s travel time to work and mine. Currently, I’m a short 15 minutes from work, where he is an hour and a half. This way, it’ll be a short 45 minute ride for each of us. Sure, the gas bill will go up, but we’re trading city life to be closer to family! I can’t wait to be a short five minute drive, or a short walk across town, from mom!